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Teachers have three passions: passion of learning, passion of learners, and the passion of bringing the first two passions together.


The pursuit of CISK teachers' is to ignite the flames of learners' quest for knowledge. What are the students of CISK like? What about IB education? In this interview, we invited Ashley Gurden. He is the head teacher of PYP and grade 3 homeroom teacher.



"I first came to CISK in august last year and I feel very happy. I really like it unfortunately right now like many places, we are online. But even still, there is nice sense of community and everyone is working hard."


"The sense of community is great, from k-12. Something that impresses me at the school at the winter and spring shows.“


” I chose to go into IB because I feel the core values we teach are important and they help build a strong well rounded student.“


 PYP Assembly


”If a student goes into MYP after PYP, they have a much easier time than someone who did not attend PYP. They will still have a great time, but the transition will be more difficult. In PYP we really lay the foundations of what can be a strong student.




”Overall most of the students perform well. Those that struggle have help, we always differentiate and help students as best we can. Not everyone is brilliant at everything. As teachers we need to identify student weaknesses and help them.“


Parent-Teacher Meeting


In teaching at PYP,  Ashley uses his games design background to create innovative and interesting classes to capture the hearts and minds of his students. Over the past year, he has researched and experimented withTPRS, a language learning theory. With this method, his students are able to acquire grammatical knowledge, as opposed to memorizing.


The curriculum is the core, school the foundation, teachers the soul. Like Mr. Ashley, CISK teachers follow the IB philosophy, with rich teaching experience and diverse teaching methods, let students thrive happily in diverse cultures and to cultivate them into world citizens with global mindsets. 


We will continue to introduce you to more of CISK's outstanding teachers, so stay tuned!


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