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CISK-CISK House System

CISK-CISK House System

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School House System


CISK has a House System. We have four houses: Panda House, Elephant House, Eagle House and Leopard House. Every student will be allocated to one house at enrollment. Each house has a senior (G11 or G12) house leader.


CISK holds the annual House Spirit Week in September every year. All the teachers and students participate in various activities to get valuable house points for their house. On Crazy Hat Day, everyone comes to school with the craziest hat or the craziest haircut. On Pajama Day, everyone comes to school in their comfy pajamas. On House Color Day, everyone comes to the school in their own house colors. Everyone has a chance to freely show their creativity and personality on campus.


Houses may compete with one another at sports but also in various type of competitions where the students can showcase their ability to design, speak, write, perform, organize, provide services, etc. We strive to maximize the types of activities during which students compete so they can blossom as well-rounded individuals.


Students can earn House points through good behavior or good academic performance. CISK publishes the overall score foreach House every week. At the end of the year, the House with the highest score will be awarded the House Trophy.


The house system helps students in different grades to establish close links and develop new friendships. At the same time, it helps individuals build self-confidence, obtain psychological support, and find their true selves.


Spiritual Week

CISK has reformed its college system, and now the college is divided into pandas, elephants, eagles and leopards. The students were randomly assigned to each college, and each college had an 11 or 12 year college leader; In this way, they can learn how to get along with people who are similar or different from themselves. Students can get points for good behavior and academic performance, and these points will be sorted into college scores every week. At the end of the year, we will select the college with the highest score and award the college trophy.

In the following year, the school will hold many activities; This college system can train students' organizational ability and leadership, and encourage them to work together with their team partners for the common goal!

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