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With the respect of and emphasis on Chinese culture, the immersion language curriculum is the main feature of the Chinese program at CISK. The Chinese program perfectly integrates Chinese culture and language learning. To make Chinese students understand Chinese culture better and gain cultural confidence, to inspire non-Chinese students’ enthusiasm for China and cultivate cultural interest, and to build a bridge between Chinese culture and world culture through language teaching, we have been working hard and have a long way to go.
Kunshan is the origin of the Chinese "water town dream", the origin of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, and the source of Kunqu Opera. CISK relies on unique local material and intangible cultural heritage resources, which provides a unique immersive environment for the development of school cultural activities. Classroom learning, exploration experience, and other formats open a window for students to enter Chinese culture. In the process of cultural exchange and collision, they absorb and achieve with each other.
The market at the Lantern Festival, poetry chanting at the Mid-Autumn Festival, the experience of making Zongzi at the Dragon Boat Festival, and the gala compiled and directed by the students at the Spring Festival have added many cultural elements to the Chinese learning at CISK. There are also Chinese elements such as dragon and lion dance, calligraphy displays, musical instrument performances, poetry chanting, etc.
All of our Mandarin teachers in CISK hold Chinese National Teaching Qualification or Chinese International Teaching Qualification certificate, and the average teaching age is more than 7 years. There are 5 Chinese classes per week, divided into native and non-native classes.The mother language class is mainly national textbooks, while the non-mother language class is "Easy Steps to Chinese" and HSK related textbooks, and the teachers will do Inquiry courses according to the different topics of PYP and MYP and supplement the topic related materials. Our school organizes Speech Contest, Recitation contest, Chinese Character Handwriting Contest, Drama Festival, Spring Festival Celebration, HSK examination and other activities every year.
In August 2013, CISK was approved by the China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (Hanban) to become the only new HSK testing site for Chinese language proficiency testing in Kunshan. Since June 2015, our school has held HSK written and machine test for many times. More than 300 candidates from 17 countries and regions have taken part in the exam. The pass rate of foreign teachers can reach 100%, 96% of foreign students have passed the HSK1-6 test, among which 38% have achieved full marks or close to full marks.
CISK offers students comprehensive Chinese learning and development programs, with an aim to enrich their Chinese language knowledge, improve their communication skills and inter-cultural communication competence, and develop their international prospective.
We strive to create an exciting, happy and cooperating Chinese learning environment for students. This student-centered program teaches students according to their age, language and cultural background as well as providing personalized tutoring, so as to care about each student’s academic achievement. Meanwhile, it encourages students to connect local communities and the world, developing their understanding of and respect for cultural diversity.
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