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·10 years of dedication to education

·21 different nationalities for students

·14 different nationalities for faculty

·+85% faculty with overseas education background or experience

·+60% ratio of the expat teachers come from the US, UK, Canada, and Europe

·57% faculty with Master or Doctorate degrees

·10 years local teacher's longest tenure at CISK

·+7 years of average teaching experience

·7 years expat teachers’ longest tenure at CISK

·+3years average tenure at CISK

·1:4 ratio of teachers to students

·1:1 ratio of local to expat teachers

·+70 different CCA options

·37 Average IBDP scores during the past two years

·100% IB Diploma pass rate

·100% admission to a first-choice university

·3.7 average university offers received

*Data is ongoing and subject to change

Monday-Thursday: 8:30 am. -- 4:30 pm.

Friday: 8:30 am. -- 3:30 pm.

CISK is an IB Continuum World School under the authorization of the IBO for the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), and the Diploma Programme (DP).  IB World Schools share a common philosophy – a commitment to continually improving the teaching and learning of a diverse yet inclusive community of students by delivering challenging, high-quality programmes of international education that share a powerful vision. 

YES! CISK offers a wide variety of after-school activities from 15:40 to 16:30 every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for a whole school year, including sports, fine arts and STEAM. School fees cover most activities unless otherwise stated.

YES! We accept students ranging from beginners to native speakers. Applicants applying for higher grades need to demonstrate that they have a high level of English language proficiency for our curriculum. Please contact our Admissions Office for detailed information about the entry requirement.

CISK offers ESL programs to help learners improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and to achieve good learning results. These students will be assessed by an authoritative general thinking test as they strive to meet course expectations. The program will benefit English language learners in CISK to improve their academic performance and achieve success in their future studies and life.

Normally, our academic year starts in mid-August and ends in late June. Please contact Admissions Office for the School Calendar.

Located at 555, Chuanshi Road, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China.

Yes, we have 7 bus routes available to the campus. The school bus service is optional. Please contact Admissions Office for detailed information.

Yes, we accept students throughout the entire school year if it is not over-subscribed.

Pre-Nursery classrooms are limited to 16 students. Nursery, Junior Kindergarten, and Senior Kindergarten classrooms are limited to 22 students. Each classroom has one foreign homeroom teacher, one Chinese local co-teacher and one caregiver.

Elementary School, Middle School and High School classrooms are limited to 22 students. Each classroom has one foreign homeroom teacher and one Chinese co-teacher.

Yes, Chinese (Mandarin) is a compulsory course and is at the heart of the CISK curriculum. Primary and Secondary students study the Chinese language for at least a full period every day. The Chinese Curriculum at CISK is divided into two sections: Mandarin as a Second Language (MSL), and Mandarin as a First Language (MFL). Students are placed into different levels according to their language background, needs, and ability. Please refer to the Mandarin Enrichment Program for more information.

We recognize the value of our multilingual students and encourage them to become bilingually focused during their time at CISK.

We also offer various language taster programs in our CCA for pupils, namely, Japanese, Spanish, Korean and German.

CISK offers students comprehensive Chinese learning and development programs, with the aim to enrich their Chinese language knowledge, improve their communication skills and intercultural communication competence, and develop their international perspective.

This student-centred program cares about each student’s academic achievement. It teaches students according to their age, language ability and cultural background, it also provides personalized tutoring. Meanwhile, it encourages students to connect with local communities and the world in order to develop their understanding of and respect for cultural diversity.

In August 2013, CISK was approved by the China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (Hanban), becoming the only new HSK testing site for Chinese language proficiency testing in Kunshan. Since June 2015, our school has held HSK paper and machine tests many times. More than 300 candidates from 17 countries and regions have taken part in the exam. The pass rate of international teachers can reach 100%, and 96% of international students have passed the HSK1-6 test, among which 38% have achieved full marks or close to full marks.

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) at CISK are provided every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, between 15:40 and 16:30. We offer more than 70 programs, including music, art, physical, language and logical thinking, etc., for children aged 3-17. Each student can take one CCA each day.

Yes, all the applicants need to take the entrance assessment.

For applicants who are applying for Primary School, we have family interviews.

A written test is also required for applicants applying for Secondary School besides family interviews.

Written Test: English & Math (also in English)

Oral interview in English

Yes, Boarding options are available for students in 6th -12th Grade.

The school provides home-style layout apartments for boarding students. Each student apartment is equipped with an access control system to ensure the safety of our students. 

Under the supervision of teachers, our students can live and interact with their family members (roommates). In the lobby of the apartments, students can meet with their parents or friends, work on their team projects or use the laundry service.

CISK has a full-time nurse in the school clinic during school hours. If a student is not feeling well at school, the teacher will send the child to the clinic and the nurse will perform an initial observation of him/her. The parent will be contacted to pick up the child if the nurse finds that the student is not suitable to stay in the school because of a potential sickness. The CISK nurse will also administer students’ prescribed medications. Prescribed medications will only be administered upon the submission and completion of the Medication Authorization Form by the student’s parent or guardian.

All registration, tuition and any addition fees are stated in our Tuition Fee Schedule. Please contact our Admissions Office for that information.

CISK offers three sets of options for students to choose from every day. The meals and menus are carefully planned and prepared by trained and experienced staff and provide nutritious and healthy meals for our students.

We understand that transition is challenging no matter where you are coming from. At CISK, our teachers, support staff, and families work together to ensure new students and families adjust quickly to not only living in Kunshan, but also to connecting with the CISK community. Teachers pair a new student with a ‘buddy’ in the classroom to help new students get connected. Our Student Ambassador program plays a key role in welcoming new students and helping them feel at home. We also have access to other community resources that offer programs, activities, and co-curricular classes to help meet the needs of our new families.

The school recommends a MacBook for Grade 6-12 students but a Windows laptop is fine too. In addition, we recommend that students have Microsoft Word for submitting written tasks through our Mangebac app, installation of which is usually done at school. 

Yes, for all ages. This includes a formal summer and winter set, a casual set and a sport set.

Homework benefits students by complementing classroom learning, fostering good study habits and providing an opportunity for students to be responsible for their own learning.

CISK sets homework/learning pack appropriate to the age and abilities of students.

Yes, CISK is committed to developing students' reading habits and helping children build systematic reading mindsets. We have different reading programs and timetables for students in different school divisions.

Yes, CISK offers full college and social/emotional counselling for students.

G6-G10 students have regular counselling classes every week. We also provide 1v1 college counselling service for students in G9-12 to be tailor-made for their post-secondary education paths.

At CISK, we believe that it is very important to involve parents in their child's school life and build a lasting home-school relationship. Parents are encouraged to participate in a variety of events and activities in our school community.

CISK provides regular educational information seminars and exhibitions to give parents more insight about topics of interest. Parent meetings and student-led conferences are held to demonstrate child's learning and development.

In partnership with the school, our parents also help to build a vibrant and supportive community, transmitting school spirit among students and parents.

Yes, please contact the Admissions Office for further information.

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