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CISK-School Policies

CISK-School Policies

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CISK Uniform Policy
In order to show CISK student identity and create an equal and open campus atmosphere, students are requested to follow the following school uniform policy:
1. All students at CISK are required to wear the school uniform. 
2. Students who do not comply with the uniform expectation may be subject to a behavior referral. 
Please see our Uniform Policy: 
CISK Admissions Policy
Canadian International School Kunshan must abide by the National Education Commission of China’s guidelines and the laws of the local government and educational bodies by admitting students to our school
Please see our Admissions Policy :
CISK Inclusion Policy
The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) at CISK supports the principle of inclusion, so that students with special education needs can demonstrate their ability under conditions that are as fair as possible. Students with special education needs are defined as those who have the intellectual capacity and ability to meet all curriculum requirements, but who have individual learning challenges that require special arrangements to demonstrate their level of achievement. We strive to support all students so we can develop a more diverse and inclusive IB community, enabling access for all to an IB education. CISK also recognizes its responsibility in ensuring no students are admitted to the IBDP who do not have the ability to succeed with the support and resources available at the school, and worked closely with families to ensure they can make the best choice for their child.
Please see our Inclusion Policy:
CISK Assessment Policy
As an IB world school, the Canadian International School Kunshan recognizes that teaching, learning, and assessment of that learning are essential to the success of our students. The students are at the center of the process and are actively involved in, and take responsibility for, their own assessment. Learning outcomes, which include knowledge and understanding of course content, cognitive, personal, and academic skills, should be assessed in ways that are explicitly stated for each course/assignment.
Please see our Assessment Policy:
CISK Academic Integrity Policy
We live in a world where access to information, ideas, and images is easy, immediate, and increasing all the time. The goal of our program here at CISK is to have students tap into this vast information storehouse and use it appropriately, creatively, and in authentic ways. This program, however, also poses huge challenges to academic integrity in terms of values, practices, and behaviors. If the idea and practices of Academic Integrity are not introduced and fostered in our students from the beginning, it will lead to problems in the future.
Please see our Academic Integrity Policy:
CISK Language Policy
This document outlines the philosophy and practice of language instruction at the Canadian International School of Kunshan (CISK) and demonstrates how CISK supports students' acquisition of our language of instruction (English), and our host- country Language (Chinese - Mandarin). It also shows how CISK supports the continued use of English and the students’ mother tongue to develop our core values of academic excellence, community, personal growth, and international mindedness.
Please see our Language Policy:
CISK Complaints Procedures
This complaints procedure is not limited to parents or carers of children that are registered at the school. Any person, including members of the public, may make a complaint to CISK about any provision of facilities or services that we provide. Unless complaints are dealt with under separate statutory procedures (such as appeals relating to exclusions or admissions), we will use this complaints procedure.
Please see our Complaints Procedures:
CISK Student Guide
· Study at CISK
· Daily Life at CISK
· Home School Contact
· Agreement for the Student Guide
Please see our Student Guide:
CISK Child Protection And Safeguarding
· CISK aims to ensure that all students in their care are provided with a safe and secure learning environment to grow and develop.
· The CISK community works together to ensure that the safety and well-being of our students is addressed by implementing clear policy and guidelines leading to best practice. 
· CISK endorses the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, of which the host country, China, is a signatory and seeks to be a safe haven for students, who may be experiencing abuse or neglect.
Please see our Child Protection And Safeguarding:
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