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Utilising the teaching model of small class teaching, classrooms are lively and open, student-centered, and students' participation and interaction are emphasized. Each class will have no more than 20 students, with a foreign teacher and a Chinese teacher jointly managing the class.
CISK has an elite group of teachers both domestic and foreign. The expat teacher to domestic teacher ratio is 1:1, and they are all licensed with many years of experience. The vast majority of our teachers come from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Europe.
Numbers of faculty nationalities
7 years+
Average years of teaching experience
Ratio of the expat teachers come from US, UK, Canada, and Europe
Average tenure at CISK
7 years
Expat teacher's longest tenure at CISK
Faculty with overseas education background or experience
10 years
Chinese teacher's longest tenure at CISK
Faculty with masters or doctorate degrees
As an IB World School, our teachers all have professional teaching and International Baccalaureate (IB) qualifications.They have solid teaching experience from many countries, and regularly participate in IB teaching seminars and training meetings organized inside and outside the school. They utilise a variety of teaching models to teach students in accordance with their aptitudes.
Pastoral care is also an indispensable part of the teaching process. In CISK, our members come from more than 20 countries with different races, cultures and customs, but every student and teacher is valued and recognized here. CISK's teaching team has created a multicultural growth environment for students based on cross-cultural understanding, a college tutor system, a psychological counselling center, and celebrating international festivals.