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Learning Science at CISK is a journey full of surprises and challenges.

In addition to grasping the formulas and concepts of science, students will also develop a way of thinking that discovers and solves problems through a variety of programs. These skills will become a key for them to solve real-world problems.

After a semester, what kind of programs have the students completed and what problems have they solved? Let us follow the science teacher Ash and inquire the achievements of our MYP students!



“In the IB middle years programme (MYP) at CISK, we focus on providing students with a high quality and challenging education program. Our aims are to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young adults who contribute to creating a better world through scientific understanding and respect.


We adopted a holistic approach to learning which nurtures student's mind body and spirit and assesses their understanding and analyzing skills. We encourage students to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who are prepared for the future.



Our assessments are inquiry centered and designed to guide students to independently and collaboratively investigate global issues through research, observation and experimentation. We explore the connections between science and everyday life.


Students were given a variety of assessments in the MYP sciences which includes:


Creating an APP for the environment

Scientific journal

Electric house project

Cut the noise



Creating an APP For the Environment


Students were required to design an app that people can use to help them make decisions that contribute to positive environmental change for a specific area/location.


This app needed to be designed to help the user understand the relationship between humans and the condition of the environment and offer suggestions or guidance for how we can take actions that contribute to positive change in the environment. An example of a function of the app could be giving users' shopping guidelines' that helps them create awareness of the products they might avoid or opt for in order to support positive environmental change.


(Amy, Joshua, Olivia)


Students could create the app that is better suited to teenagers or they could come up with a completely new idea based on their interests and environmental values.




Scientific Journal


Students became future scientist who were required to explore new efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways to generate electricity in order to make the Earth a better place to live in. 


(Helen, Amy, Coco, Cynthia, Adele, Olivia)




Electric House Project


Students became engineers, architects and contractors designing and building a model house and installing electrical circuits for this model house which included all the relevant requirements and specifications. 


(Coco, Cynthia, Cindy, Helen, Olivia)


Using a scientific investigation, they were required to determine which type of circuit would be the best choice to install in a house. They also needed to create building blueprints and a circuit diagrams which needed approval by “the city”(teacher) before they started construction.




Cut the Noise


Students worked as acoustic engineers hired by an airport to investigate the way different materials can be used to reduce noise levels. A scenario was given to students which stated that an airport had complaints from the residents who lived around the area that the noise levels of the jets are too loud.



Students were required to design a barrier to install in houses to block the sound from the airport. Students needed to apply their knowledge and do relevant research to create a box/barrier to be tested in class that will be presented to the residents and airport board members. A sound device were placed in this box to emit sound and a sound level meter was used to measure the sound that escapes the box.



The IB programme is not a traditional school setting. It has an innovative and new age approach that allows students to engage with one another and engage with the teacher. The teacher is more of a facilitator rather than an instructor. I enjoy working as an MYP teacher because I can witness the students absorb and understand the concepts instead of just memorizing the content. 


We focus on the student's individual needs and capabilities and prepare them for the real world. The MYP promotes interdisciplinary teaching where science collaborates with and includes other subjects like design and art. It does not isolate individual subjects, instead it creates an atmosphere similar to that of the real world.



My teaching philosophy is about making a difference in the lives of learners by integrating academic teaching and life skills into my classroom and the IB programme allows me to successfully accomplish this.


I believe that teaching is a vital profession because teachers shape young learners into future professional adults of tomorrow.”


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