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Our students won prizes at Math Kangaroo (MK) Competition

时间:01 May 2024

Our students won prizes at Math Kangaroo (MK) Competition 2024

30th March, 2024, our students were doing their Math Kangaroo competition online or in their respective MK exam center.


Math Kangaroo was proposed by Peter O'Halloran, an Australian mathematician and teacher, in the1980's. In 1991, this idea was taken up in Paris, France. Very quickly, it spread throughout Europe. The competition began to be called "Kangaroo" because of its Australian origin. The main purpose of Math Kangaroo is to promote mathematical thinking and stimulate an interest in math, by providing students with an opportunity to compare their abilities against the abilities of other students, from different countries around the world. 


Math Kangaroo is now the largest math competition for school students in the world. As of now, it has been held in 103 countries and regions, in 2023, approximately 6 million students participated globally, with around 900,000 students from Brazil. Traditional mathematical powerhouses such as Germany and Russia contributed approximately 800,000 and 400,000 participants respectively. Countries like France, the Czech Republic, and Poland each had around 300.000 participants, while Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Austria, the Netherlands, and Belgium all had over 100,000 young students participating. The Math Kangaroo Activity has a history of over 20 years in the United States, with rapidly increasing annual participation, particularly in California, which has a significant Asian population, where Math Kangaroo slots are in high demand.


A special shout out to the students from CISK for their outstanding performance during the MK. They have won 1 National Gold, 3 National Silver, 3 National Bronze and 5 National Proficiency Award from the exam. 


Congratulations to all our award-winning students and thanks to the efforts of each participant for the privilege of sharing this honour together. Finally, we wish all CISK students the best of luck in all the international assessments and to continue to sharpen their skills in the years to come!





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