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Primary School Spring Festival Challenge

时间:26 Jan 2024



Dear Students and Parents,


We are thrilled to embark on a journey of cultural exploration - the CISK PYP Chinese New Year and Global Traditions Challenge, running over our Chinese Spring Festival break. This challenge is not just about celebrating the Chinese New Year, but also about appreciating the rich tapestry of customs and traditions from various countries and regions during this period.


Theme: Embracing Diversity: Celebrating Chinese New Year and World Traditions


Each grade will engage in activities designed for their age group, with a focus on both Chinese New Year and other global traditions.


Grades 1-2


- Storytelling and Mythology: Explore the story of ‘Nian’ alongside stories of new beginnings from other cultures. 


- Arts and Crafts: Create traditional Chinese lanterns and also craft items representing a new year's tradition from your home country (e.g., Brazilian Carnaval masks, Russian Matryoshka dolls for New Year). 



Grades 3-4


- Cultural Research Project: Research and present on Chinese New Year traditions and compare them with new year celebrations from another part of the world (e.g., Diwali in India, Rosh Hashanah in Jewish culture). 


- Language Exploration: Learn basic phrases in another language, focusing on greetings and new year wishes. 



Grade 5


- Global Connections: Interview individuals from different cultural backgrounds about their new year traditions and share findings with the class. 


- Reflective Writing: Write an essay on how different cultures celebrate new beginnings and what we can learn from this diversity. 


We encourage parents to share their own cultural traditions related to new beginnings and participate in the crafting and learning activities with their children.



Submission and Presentation


Students may choose to participate in one or multiple activities.


Students can submit the electronic version of their projects (in video format) via email to pyp.cisk@ciskunshan.org before February 21st.


Please bring hard copies of the projects to school on the first day of the new semester, February 22nd, and hand them to your homeroom teacher.


Selected works will be displayed at our International Festival.


All participants will receive 5 house points. Exceptional projects may be specially recognized.


We are excited to see the creativity and insights our students will bring to this challenge, enhancing our understanding of the world's rich cultural diversity. Let's celebrate the Year of the Dragon and the spirit of new beginnings across cultures!



Warm regards,

CISK Primary School










Editing:Tom Wang

Supervise:Pauwels Luc

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