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Open House | Come and Join Us!

时间:18 Sep 2023



As a welcoming, caring, and learning school community, we hope to see you at our Open House.

- Greetings from the CISK Family



--来自 CISK 大家庭的问候



About the School



Founded in 2012, the Canadian International School of Kunshan (CISK) is a K-12 international school based in Suzhou and licensed by the Education Bureau of Jiangsu´s provincial government. 



CISK is a welcoming, caring, and learning school community with students and teachers from all over the world.

CISK is committed to cultivating global citizens who embrace all cultures in an ever-changing world. By doing so we enable our students to tackle challenges with perseverance, confidence, and enthusiasm.




On June 2nd, 2023, Forbes China released the ranking result of the 2023 Chinese international school. This year, Canadian International School Kunshan (CISK) is ranked 33rd in China, 2nd in Jiangsu Province, and 1st in Kunshan among the top 100 international schools in the nation.




Well-rounded and Worldwide Recognised Curriculum



CISK offers a continuum of IB education for students from kindergarten to high school and is one of the 3 IB Continuum World Schools in Suzhou.




CISK incorporates the IB philosophy of "Lifelong Education" to help each student maximize their potential. Through experiencing, understanding, and learning, our students achieve the goals of "academic excellence, respect for all, balance in life, and dedicated service". Our students not only care for themselves but also for the world as they become global citizens "united in knowledge and action, who only stop at their highest level of excellence".




Personalised Education  in a Multicultural Environment



CISK boasts a rich multi-cultural experience with staff and students coming from over 35 countries and regions. The diverse and inclusive learning environment makes students feel that their contributions and perspectives are equally valued and respected. 

CISK 拥有丰富的多元文化体验,教职员工和学生来自超过 35 个国家和地区。多元、包容的学习环境让学生感受到他们的贡献和观点能在这个学校得到同样受到重视和尊重。



We offer small classes with no more than 22 students where individualized teaching and personalized services become a reality. Through this type of class, we shrink achievement gaps,  increase students´ participation in school activities, and enhance their satisfaction with the school community.

我们开设不超过 22 人的小班,实现个性化教学和个性化服务。通过这种班级形式,我们缩小成绩差距,提高学生对学校活动的参与度,并增强他们对学校社区的满意度。


Students voices in CISK



Academic Achievements



Our University Guidance Programme includes a comprehensive structure.  

Students have opportunities to attend bespoke workshops, University Fairs, Careers Day, and one-to-one meetings to craft individual plans. Through these personalised programmes, students can discover more about themselves and the areas they would like to explore in higher education and select the institutions that suit their academic and personal needs.



Since the foundation of the school, 100%  of our current graduating class have received university offers from top universities worldwide, such as Harvard University, Duke University, The University of Edinburgh, etc.  



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We look forward to seeing you at the Open House!



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