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Open House & Shadow Days / Tell your friends!

时间:13 Nov 2023


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Discover CISK: Open House and Shadow Days 

Get ready for an immersive experience at CISK as we proudly announce our upcoming Open House and Shadow Days programs. This initiative aims to showcase the unique aspects of our school and provide a glimpse into the enriching educational journey that awaits prospective students.



Open House: Explore the Possibilities

Scheduled for November 25 at 9:30 AM, the Open House invites families to explore the heart of CISK. Tour our modern facilities, engage with passionate educators, and discover the diverse academic programs that define our commitment to excellence. It's a chance to witness firsthand the spirit of innovation and collaboration that sets CISK apart.



Shadow Days: Join our CISK Classrooms 

For those seeking a more in-depth experience, we invite prospective students to join us for Shadow Days. This unique opportunity allows them to shadow the current grade, attending classes and gaining insight into the day-to-day life of our vibrant community. It's an immersive introduction to the supportive and student-focused environment we foster. 



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