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Interviews with Founding students 

This year, CISK celebrates its 10th year anniversary! Over the past decade, nearly three thousand students and teachers from more than 20 countries and regions have lived, studied and worked at CISK. With the changing of the seasons, CISK has witnessed the development of its students into upstanding young adults ready to enter the world. And as time has passed, our students have also seen CISK grow as a long-term partner, mentor and guide.


We met our founding students Annie and Steven T. last time, but what is life like at CISK for two of this year's Grade 7 students, Apple and Nathan?





Been in CISK for 9 years



Been in CISK for 8 years

Let's hear how they reply to the young reporters’  questions.


Q: How long have you been studying at CISK?  What was your first impression of CISK?

Apple said: 

I have been at CISK for nine years now. I have almost forgotten my first impression of CISK since it was so long ago. But my impression of CISK now is that it is very open and the relationship between teachers and students is very harmonious.


 Nathan said:

About 8 years. I think CISK is a very good place because studying here is quite free. Teachers don't force you to do things. Instead, they give you the freedom to learn what interests you. Every subject at CISK is fun.



Q: What kind of changes do you think CISK has brought to you? How have you grown at CISK?

Nathan  said:

I think my experience at CISK has made me more mature. When I encounter a problem, I first try to calm down and think of a solution. I don't let myself get caught up in negative emotions anymore.


Apple said:

When I first came to CISK, I was very young. After nine years, I have learned a lot here. Especially my English skills, I am now at a high level of fluency in English.


Q: Having studied at CISK for such a long time, you must have experienced every aspect of CISK. What are some of the campus activities at CISK that have impressed you most? 


Apple said:

My favourite campus activity is Terry Fox because it is in memory of a very brave and strong man who overcame the challenges of cancer to be an example of not giving up too soon.


Nathan  said:

My favourite part at CISK has been learning and playing with my friends. I have made a lot of friends here. In addition, I like doing activities in class. These activities have given me a better understanding of the concepts covered in the course.



Q: Have you encountered any challenges in your studies?

Apple said:

For me, the biggest challenge I've encountered so far was the PYP exhibition. I think it was a very difficult time for me and I was busy for a long time with the exhibition on an animal theme.


Nathan  said:

Yes, both Math and Chinese were challenging for me. However, I spent a lot of time studying and revising both subjects and my grades got better. I also believe that if I continue to work hard, my grades will get better and better in the future.


Q: This is your second year at MYP, what advice would you give to the PYP students who will be joining MYP?

Apple said:

You must read more and read a lot, because the next course is much, much harder than the previous one.


Nathan  said:

I would advise them that they should work hard and review what they have learned every day. However, at the same time, don't put too much pressure on yourself and give yourself a break, too. In short, put your best foot forward and be the best you can be!


Whether it was Annie and Steven in the last article or Apple and Nathan in this one, during their years at CISK, they have explored their surroundings and embraced others and themselves as they grew step by step. CISK is not only their educational cradle but also their performance stage.


We will continue to share with you the inside stories of our students in our 10th-anniversary series, so don’t miss a single column!