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CISK-CISK Interviews

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The first time I met Howard, he and the other students in the band were in music class, rehearsing for the upcoming Winter Show, in which Howard was the guitar player.


When I talked to him, I realized that besides guitar, he can also play debate, golf and tennis… He is literally a "treasure boy".




The weekend is full of various courses, he said: It is easy for me.


According to a survey by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 80% of college students and 86% of working people in China suffer from procrastination. For the younger generation, procrastination has become a common problem for almost everyone.



But Howard is different. We can see many characteristics of Highly Effective People from Howard: proactive, good at self-management, self-improvement, and well organized in life and study.



On weekdays, when he wakes up, his first step is not to eat breakfast, but to open his books to preview and review before going to school.


After completing his daily schoolwork and CCA, he goes home to finish his homework first, then goes to golf, guitar, tennis, or debate class, and after that it is already 8:30 p.m. He has to walk his dog before he finally rests.



And on weekends or days when he is not at school, he doesn't slack off at all. 


He goes to the court at 6:00 a.m. with the sunrise, practices for 8 or 9 hours, and then goes home with the sunset, finish his homework. On top of that, he has to continue to take various classes which he is interested in.


Isn't this life tiring?  He says, "I feel pretty relaxed."


In "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People," the famous American management guru Stephen Covey wrote: "Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.


This quote is also true of Howard.


When he speaks on the French Revolution and the American presidency, he researches the people, the major events, the timing, makes a list, and prepares well before writing the speech.



And high efficiency creates a comfortable life state. He said: "In this way, every day will not be particularly full, nor will it be very tiring. In fact, there is still a lot of free time."



Six years at CISK


Howard joined CISK in Grade 2, and as six years have passed, he admits that he has gained a lot from his time at CISK. "There is more self-discipline in learning and a wider range of interests."



In the beginning, English was his weakness, he said, "It was almost like I had never learned English before." But the teachers would guide him carefully and patiently, gave him a lot of help, and with his own hard work, by the third grade, he was able to keep up with all his English skills, and now "My English is even better than Chinese."



In addition to his progress in English, at the end of Grade 8, he received perfect scores in both Individuals and Societies and Arts.


Howard won CISK Special Service Award


After-school CCA was also the initiation of many of his interests. Soccer, music, and debate were all hobbies he developed during his time at CISK, and he often attended at school events, both large and small.



He plays the guitar in the school band, the band members are quite young, but work well together and have performed at the Winter Show and Chinese New Year Celebration.



He ran 19 laps in the Terry Fox Run, and although the temperature was 33 degrees and his body was drenched in sweat, he kept on running because he "wanted to break my record of last year."



And he also won the Top 8 of 2020 National High School Debate League of China’s regional competition, the 2021 NHSDLC Suzhou Regional Tournament,  the NHSDLC's regional contest in Hefei and the Top 64 in 2021 NHSDLC national contest , and won the honor of "First Place School" for CISK together with his CCA Debate teammates.





Continuously studying to make the most of his hobby


For Howard, his interests guide him in the right direction.


He likes music, so he studied guitar and participated in various performances; he likes debating, so he went to various debate tournaments and won awards in Suzhou, Hefei and Shanghai; he also likes Lego, so he has a number of Lego at home, and once even forgot time to build it for 8 hours.



And his obsession with the military led him to read a lot of books about war. He can even recite 80% of the world's tank models and structures, and in this process, one thing gradually entered his vision - boats.


In Howard's opinion, compared with tanks and airplanes, boats are more diverse and have a wider range of applications. What attracted him most is exploring the unknown.


He is not in a hurry, starting from zero and slowly delving into it, he is most satisfied with the state. 


Starting from a small cardboard boat to a remote control boat made of PVC, fiberglass and carbon fiber, it took him two years. He will also refer to various military ships to observe how he can better improve his RC boat.



Now he is still researching the engine of the RC boat, and will regularly go out to drive the boat with his friends. He hopes to participate in races around the world, and he is very longing for those professional players. 


And he thought very long term and thoroughly: "If it can not be my main job, it can also be a side business."



In addition to being a professional, he also thinks about joining LEGO company in the future and turning his hobby into a career. 


But for Howard, who will be in G9, his current plan is to do well in IB, study a second foreign language, and study abroad.


There is still a long road ahead, but he will definitely go on with determination.





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