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Message from CISK


Welcome to CISK. We are an international learning community that is diversified and dedicated to learning and improvement. We have teachers and students from all over the world. We are committed to cultivating world citizens who will thrive in tomorrow's multicultural and dynamic environment. They will be able to tackle challenges with perseverance, self-confidence, and enthusiasm in a diverse and rapidly developing international community.


We believe that everyone has great abilities which can only be fully revealed through education. As an IB World School, we follow the philosophy of the IB's lifelong education. We have a comprehensive curriculum system and strive to enable each student maximize their potential. Thus, students can master knowledge, develop their strengths, and achieve thegoal of "outstanding academic performance, respect for others, balanced development, and serving the public". Students care about not only themselves but also the world. They are expected to become world citizens who "combine knowledgewith practice and only stop at perfection".


This year, we are honored to be 26th in the "Top 100 Chinese International Schools in Innovation Competitiveness" listissued by Beijing Collar Research Institute. We are also pleased to have agreed academic exchange projects with Duke Kunshan University and Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University. These enable us to provide more learning resources forstudent.


We all cherish working together with students to help them become tireless lifelong learners!