CISK House Spirit Week


In the week of September 25th-27th, CISK enjoyed its annual Spirit Week with enormous enthusiasm. Over three days, students and teachers demonstrated their school pride by participating in a series of fun activities and games for the whole school, - as well as parents!

9 月 25 日至 27 日,CISK 迎来了一年一度的精神周活动。在为期三天的一系列有趣活动和游戏中,全校师生及家长的积极参与为身为学校一份子又增添了自豪感!





CISK Spirit Week was characterised by themed events on each day, which helps all students to feel more united and, therefore, enhances their sense of school community. 

CISK 精神周期间,学校每天举办主题活动,这类活动有助于培养学生团结精神及集体意识。



House Colours Day


On this day, students were encouraged to come to school dressed entirely in their House Colours.







Take Anything Except a Bag Day


On this day, students leave their backpacks at home and bring their school supplies in different types of containers, such as a grocery bag, a tote bag, or even a wok! 







Pyjama Day


Students had great fun dressing for school in pyjamas, dressing gowns and even slippers!







House Sports Day


The first whole kindergarten event of the school year. We were so glad to see the active participation of children - as well as their family members! 




Water Fight


On Tuesday afternoon, we organised a water fight for MYP and DP students. Students brought water guns, water balloons, and a great sense of fun as they battled to get everyone drenched!






Crazy Hair & Hat Day


Let´s see who has the coolest hair! There were myriad styles and crazy looks from our exuberant students.







House Games Day


On Wednesday afternoon, we had whole-school games and activities during the entire afternoon, from dodgeball to badminton to Students Vs. Teachers football match to Tug of War.








Michael Cormack

Head of Student Services


Spirit Week is a great event early in the school year that really enables our student body to bond, thus raising school spirit. With excellent assistance from the Student Council, it really feels like the whole school pulling together to have some fun. ”





 The House System at CISK



1. What is the House system?



Upon entering CISK, a student is placed in one of the four Houses and will remain a member of that House for the duration of their time here. The placement of a student in a given House is random. Houses are a mix of ages, genders, day/boarding, nationalities, and interests – though siblings will all be in the same House.


2. Why do we have a House system? 



The House system allows for in-school competitions within CISK and school-to-school competitions with our partner schools across the world
 - Each House has a nominated student House Captain and Vice Captain, from Grades 11 and 12.
 - Merits for students’ good and positive contributions to school life are pooled in the House
 - Competitions between Houses are scheduled to take place during the year, including sporting and drama competitions, amongst other events
通过这个制度,我们可以在 CISK 展开校内竞赛,同时也可以与我们在世界各地的伙伴学校开展校际竞赛。

 - 每个学院都有一名由学生提名的学院领袖和副领袖,他们分别来自 11 年级和 12 年级。

 - 对学校生活做出积极贡献的学生将被授予荣誉称号。

 - 院与院间的比赛安排在年中进行,其中包括体育和戏剧比赛及其他活动。


A trophy is awarded at the end of each year for the best House. 每年年底都会为最佳学院颁发奖杯。

The House system provides opportunities for students to develop leadership, responsibility, organization, and teamwork competencies, and, importantly, to compete with (rather than against) students from other Houses.


Within the House system, there is equal emphasis on IQ and EQ, in line with the school’s educational philosophy.





3. House Captains – roles and responsibilities

学院领袖 – 角色与责任

A House Captain serves for one academic year. House Captains are nominated at the start of each school year after discussions between the teachers who know them best.





The role of the House Captain is to exemplify the attributes which the school feels are important. It is important, therefore, to possess the following basic characteristics:

- Positive leadership roles
- A strong school spirit and an embodiment of the school’s ethos and vision
- A supportive, caring, and fair attitude
- A respectful conduct towards House members and the whole school community

- 积极的领导力

- 强烈的学校精神,即拥有体现学校精神的愿景

- 持有支持、关心和公平的态度

- 尊重学院成员和整个学校社区




- Represent the House as and when required

- Organize and lead House meetings and assemblies
- Coordinate the House and House members
- Maintain and update the House noticeboard
- Encourage good behaviour and effort among House members
- 必要时代表学院

- 组织和领导学院会议及大会

- 协调学院和学院成员

- 维护和更新学院公告栏

- 鼓励学院成员养成拥有良好行为和努力向上的品质。






Panda House (Red)


Elephant House (Blue)


Eagle House (Yellow)


Leopard House (Green)





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