CISK PYP offers interesting, relevant, and challenging multidisciplinary courses centered around developing the students’ knowledge base, understanding of concepts, skills, attitudes, and their ability to take action inside and outside the classroom. In PYP, our students have agency over the direction of their curriculum (“voice, choice, and ownership”), and are willing to take responsibility for their own autonomous learning. The school has one expat teacher and one Chinese teacher to support the students of each class.


CISK MYP encourages students to become creative, critical, and reflective thinkers. It emphasizes overcoming challenges, and encourages the students to build connections between traditional subject content and the real world. It supports students in developing their communication skills, multicultural understanding, and global involvement.


CISK DP is rigorous and effectively prepares students for post-secondary education, helping produce well-rounded and academically talented students. Students enjoy the flexibility of choosing their own courses, which allows them to target the subjects that are of particular interest to them and that they wish to pursue further study of in university.


CISK offers a wide variety of subjects for our DP students to choose from. Our graduates consistently obtain above average results on their overall DP scores and have been accepted to universities all over the world, including schools listed in the world's top 25.